Posting draws without upload

On posting this time I will give trik simpel for you all blogger mania, obviously one stills initiates that haven't so gain control posting's trick draws in posting. sometime i am frequent being asked by severally comate that can't upload image already being gotten at pictured Google.

if you have gotten image those are looked for at Google search engine e.g., please directly just on that image at rights click, later will emerge option menu that usually you choose save picture's usa to keep beforehand to hardisk new then at uploads to hosting to at makes posting image, but for the moment that thing not necessarily been done, you adequately right click and copy link image location's option click, then on posting you stay to add following code: < img src= "link location already you copy in here by rights click paste" />, all washed up posting draws without have to upload image goes to our hosting. fast trick and easy...?

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