how fast indexed in google

Here's a trick that you can instantly get the latest posts indexed in google search engine:
1. Copy - paste this script and add to your blog, this script for make search google fasility in your blog.

<script language="JavaScript"type="text/javascript"> function search_google(){""; } function search_images(){""; } </script><br /> <br /> <form name="search"><input name="query" value="" type="text"/><br /> <input value="Search" onclick="search_google()" type="submit"/><br /> <input value="image" onclick="search_images()" type="submit"/><br /> </form>

2. Copy your link post and paste in search google in your blog
3. If your recent posts have look in search google, then click link a post displayed.
4. Congratulation, now your new post indexed in search engine google

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