Related Posts with Thumbnails for Blogger - New Version by BloggerWidgets

Aneesh of Blogger Widgets has developed a new "Related Posts" script for Blogger which displays thumbnails of images in addition to linked post titles:

In appearance, this Blogger "add-on" is similar to the LinkWithin script. Each section is highlighted in a complementary colour when the mouse hovers over it, and the entire section is clickable, leading to the URL of the "related post" displayed.

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Password e-Book Blogger Mung Bisnis

Deliberate password I put here, this password is so easy really, not password high-level, you stay to type

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Blogger have support Readmore's function

To complete anniversary celebration present its that 10th, now blogger adds one switch that really at waits by thousands blogger is universalized which is switch "Jump Breaks" or switch "More" or switch "Read more" that have function to cut writing at front page (home page) or more popular with the title "read more's function".

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