Image Resizer For Windows Vista

More options in this version,  Let’s take a look at each of the options numbered in Figure on top:

(1) Resolution is defined in pixels, you can enter your personalized resolution; do not forget that you can select a preset profile for your images just above this option.
(2) Filtering gives you quality options: Linear, Fast Linear, Lanczos, and Cubic.
(3) Format offers the following format conversions for your images: As original, Bitmap (.BMP), JPEG (.JPG), GIF (.GIF), PNG (.PNG), TIFF (.TIF)
(4) Quality is an option available only if you want to convert your images format to a JPEG or leave as Original

(5) Keep aspect ration of original will, if checked, keep your images height and width proportional to the original image.
(6) Adjust resolution for portrait will record/save the output image(s) as a portrait directly applying the portrait flag (possible only if originals are portrait images / photos shot when camera is turned vertically).
(7) Filename Mask allows you to provide a new name to the files you are resizing using predefined tags, click on the question mark icon to see what tags exists.
(8 ) Action allows you to choose whether you would like to make a “copy” of the images you are working with, “Resize the original”, or “move” the converted images to another location.
(9) Destination is where you would like your images to go (only available if you selected option “move” or “create copies” under action (6)), by default this destination is the same place as the original image.

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