How To Get Unlimited Image Hosting

Get a free image storage for our blog or website so we would want, let alone Unlimited Bandwidth. By having unlimited bandwidth hosting, of course, we do not worry any more pictures on the other day on our blog so slow nge-load it or even not even appear.

Often this client asked Mung-Service Business Development Blog Elegant, Cool and Cheap, how the hell put the banner on the blog, make a banner code pairs, or sometimes also how to upload pictures and where the right place and suitable for our image?
Okey, now we just learned together:    1. Login to your blog admin page (
2. Make a new post or new entries on the blog (just as you are fit to post the article)
3. Just go directly insert images, just like you want to install the appropriate image in your article.
4. After the images included in the post do not forget to save, (not published / published entry). 

   5. Then you move to position HTML Edit to view the image code had already Uploaded: for example look at the code I have pictures uploaded follows:

  <div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> <a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" />

6. For images pixelnya size small, eg below 400 pixels you can use the code that I give a yellow color with a code to live match
<img src="lokasi gambar"/> the image will appear and you can exploit to posted in various places who want to pasangi your picture. 

7. For pixelnya size images larger than 400 pixels, do not use a code yellow didiberi, because the picture on kompress to the smaller size of 400 pixels, but use the link to my pictures of red berries, with a few tricks to get the code for the image location , copy and paste the code in the column of red addres your browser (mozilla), after pictures appeared perfect, right click and select copy image location NOT copy the link location.

   8. To display the image you just mix with the code <img src="image place"/> paste in "image place".

9. Congratulations, you already have an image storage unlimited bandwidth.

Additional: to maintain security on the other image data loss time for the tutorial above is only stored in the draft is not published, then I am personally making a special blog to accommodate images that I use on my blog. This example blog address.

Hopefully useful.

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