How to make scroll widget blog

If you want to make scroll in your widget blog, you can use this tutorial:
The First Way:
If use widget HTML/JavaScript you can use script bellow :

<div style="overflow:auto;width:100%;height:200px;padding:0px;border:0px solid #eee">
You link or writing here
The second way:

If you use widget like label, archive, or other you can use this tutorial.

Bellow basic wdiget ID in your css template:
  1. Widget Label = Label1; Label2; Label3, and so on
  2. Widget Blog Archive = BlogArchive1; BlogArchive2; BlogArchive3, and so on
For example if you want to make scroll for your label/ category in blog, follow this:
search ]]> in your code template, copy paste this script above:

#Label1 .widget-content{  

May be useful.

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